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非晶制品分公司隶属于letou体育 科技股份有限公司,从事非晶/纳米晶金属材料及制品的产业化及研究开发。非晶制品分公司依托于国家非晶微晶合金工程技术研究中心(国家科委1995年12月批准建立的国家级非晶中心),是国内非晶、纳米晶软磁材料研发先驱。国家非晶微晶合金工程技术研究中心拥有专业全面、结构合理的研发团队,立足于自主研发,突破非晶纳米晶材料制备核心技术,共取得50余项科技成果,荣获国家科技进步二等奖2项,授权专利43项。 



letou体育Affiliated with Advanced Technology & Materials Co.,Ltd., Amorphous Products Branch is specialized in the industrialization and R&D of amorphous & nanocrystalline materials and products. Backed up by National Amorphous & Nanocrystalline Alloy Engineering Research Centre (Hereinafter referred to as NAC) which was approved by State Science and Technology Commission in 1995, Amorphous Products Branch is the R&D pioneer of amorphous & nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials. With a professional and well-organized team, NAC has acquired the core technology for the production of nanocrystalline and amorphous ribbon and obtained more than 50 scientific and technological achievements, 2 second prize on national science and technology progress and 43 authorized patents.

Amorphous Products Branch employs more than 300 people, made up of two plants: nanocrystalline ribbon plant and magnetic components plant and six departments: administration department, accounting and controlling department, product development department, quality management department and manufacturing department. 

The major products of AT&M Amorphous Products Branch are amorphous & nanocrystalline materials, cores and magnetic components which are widely applied in power distribution, electric and electricity, industrial power supply, renewable energy, consumer electronics, aerospace, transportation etc. We are committed to offering advanced energy-saving materials and solutions for our customers.